The Captain’s R&R

Location: CO’s Stateroom
Time & Date: Thu, 03-April-2025 @ 11:45

Watts had finally managed to locate the captain in one of the passageways in the engineering compartment. He hadn’t said what he was up to and to her honestly it had looked like he had been wandering aimlessly. They had decided to meet back in his stateroom to go over everything before he left for leave and she got ready to work.

“Nice to have you back XO,” Commander Nathan Lewes said, as he sat down in his swivel chair and he motioned Liz into the chair alongside of his desk. His stateroom and hers were identical except his had an attached private head with a shower and she shared with the other officers. The room had a bunk that folded, instrument repeaters to show various statuses of the ship like speed, depth, and heading. There was also a TV screen that could display the various cameras throughout the ship and even the view from the photonics mast. There was a desk with a swivel chair and a visitor’s chair. His own laptop computer, supplied by the US Navy, was atop his desk but closed and powered down.

“Do you mean that, sir, or are you just happy you get to go on leave because I’m back?” Liz asked, with a smirk.

“A little of both, mostly glad to have you back. The ENG did do a fantastic job filling in while you were earning your command qualification though. I’m proud of both of you, I’ll be sure that she screens for XO,” Lewes said. He rubbed his bald head with his muscular arms as he leaned back in his chair. “Pretty much status quo, no operational orders yet, but I’m sure you’ll press them for that while I’m gone.”

“That was the plan sir,” Liz responded. “The new ops owes me.”

“I figured you could use your squadron staff connections,” he said. Lewes had been SUBLANT for most of his career prior to taking command of Arizona where as Liz had always served in SUBPAC.

“That is the plan, sir, I’m hoping to have a basic plan together with NAV by the time you get back. We were set to get underway before the first of next month so we’re going to have to crunch if the op order doesn’t come through soon. I’ll keep you up to date while you’re away though,” Liz said.

“I trust your judgement XO, I plan on enjoying some time with my family without being disturbed unless it is urgent. You’re command qualified and I trust you even if it weren’t for that. Unless you absolutely have to I’d like to be undisturbed during my leave,” the man said, sitting up and his arms moving to the arms of the chair.

“Understood Captain,” Liz said, straightening as well. “What else do you have for me?”

“I have a list,” she said, pulling open his top right drawer, he handed over a couple page printed list. “I’ll be a bit as I finish up here and department I’ll check in with you and see if you have any questions before I go. Things here are sort of stagnating we need to get this ship out to sea.”

“Agreed, and the general consensus of the crew as far as I can tell sir,” Liz said.

“Good, go get caught up I’m sure you have a lot to get through not having been able to get access in months,” Lewes said. It was always a struggle being disconnected from the rest of the world and even the rest of the navy while underway on a submarine patrol.

“You got it sir,” Liz said, standing. “It’s good to see you Captain, let me know if you need, anything at all,” she said, her hand touching the Captain’s shoulder for a moment. There was a tone to the anything at all that made sure he knew that she would hold his confidence in any matter including his personal life. After all who else could he possibly talk to? And if she were him Liz wouldn’t know how she’d handle it.

Participating Characters & Members

  •  Elizabeth Watts written by Stephen
  •  Nathan Lewes written by Stephen
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