Military Time Zones

The United States Military utilizes their own system for time zones as displayed below. All submarines while underway utilize “Zulu” time which corresponds with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Time zone nameDesignation letterOffsetTimezone/Special note
Alpha Time ZoneA+1
Bravo Time ZoneB+2
Charlie Time ZoneC+3
Delta Time ZoneD+4
Echo Time ZoneE+5
Foxtrot Time ZoneF+6
Golf Time ZoneG+7
Hotel Time ZoneH+8Chinese Standard Time – All of China & Taiwan
India Time ZoneI+9
Juliet Time ZoneJN/AUsed to denote local time not a specific zone.
Kilo Time ZoneK+10
Lima Time ZoneL+11
Mike Time ZoneM+12
November Time ZoneN−1
Oscar Time ZoneO−2
Papa Time ZoneP−3
Quebec Time ZoneQ−4
Romeo Time ZoneR−5EST – New York, Washington, D.C., Pentagon, COMSUBFOR
Sierra Time ZoneS−6
Tango Time ZoneT−7
Uniform Time ZoneU−8Seattle (Home Port)
Victor Time ZoneV−9
Whiskey Time ZoneW−10HST – Hawaii, COMSUBPAC, No Daylight Savings Time
X-ray Time ZoneX−11
Yankee Time ZoneY−12
Zulu Time ZoneZ0UTC – Time used while underway
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