US Navy & Government Personnel

This is a list of US Government and Naval personnel who recur within the storyline of the USS Arizona. These characters are written as needed by staff members or community volunteers.

Direct Chain of Command and Support Personnel

Rank ImageNameAssignment
Rear Admiral Duncan SchadtCommander Submarine Forces Pacific (COMSUBPAC)
Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Rion HuntCommander Submarine Group 9 (COMSUBGRU9)
Captain David GoldmanCommander Submarine Squadron 19 (COMSUBRON19)
Lieutenant Commander Katherine Samble, MDGroup Medical Officer, Submarine Group 9
Designated Medical Officer Advisor, USS Arizona
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Richard DennisSpecial Forces Liaison, Submarine Forces Pacific

Government of the United States of America

The Honorable President Richard AldrichPresident of the United States of America
Margaret PalmerWhite House Chief of Staff
The Honorable Joshua FitzgeraldSecretary of State
The Honorable Daniel AllardSecretary of Defense
The Honorable Marcus HollandSecretary of Homeland Security
The Honorable Frank McCluskyAttorney General
The Honorable Lydia AveryDirector of National Intelligence

Department of Defense Personnel

Rank ImageNameAssignment
General Charles Spitz, USAChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
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