Shared Berthings

Commissioned Officers

The Commanding Officer and Executive Officer have identical quarters joined by a shared head with shower facility reserved only for them. The Executive Officer, however, has an additional bunk that can fold down over theirs for VIP guests that may be underway with the submarine such as a medical officer or above the CO in the chain of command. All other commissioned officers share a space holding three officers with a shared desk and lockers for personal belongings.

  • LCDR Mcclellandi (Middle), LT Castillo (Top), ENS Tate (Bottom)
  • LT Orr (Top), LT Broward (Middle), Male JO (Bottom)
  • CWO2 Paahao (Top), Male JO (Middle), Male JO (Bottom)

Chief Petty Officers

All Chief Petty Officers are assigned to the Chief’s Quarters, also known as the Goat Locker. In addition to the standard berthing space for enlisted personnel, it has a connected mess used for some meals and meetings of the chiefs.

Enlisted Personnel

Enlisted personnel are berthed in compartments that have racks on each side of the compartment with top, middle, and bottom. The most junior personnel are on the bottom, the most senior in the middle, and those that fall in the mid-range of seniority for a berthing space at the top. Each member has storage under their rack and some lockers at each end of the space.

  • FT1 Robinson (Middle)
  • STS1 Doyle (Middle), YNS2 Hoff (Top)
Executive Officer’s Quarters (note on Arizona the top bunk folds up/down).
Crew berthing aboard the USS Arizona (SSN-803)
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