Canon Policy

The USS Arizona Wiki is the primary source for canon while writing as part of the Arizona sim. Websites containing real life information are considered secondary canon and is overridden by our primary canon. All members and prospective members are requested to familiarize themselves with our primary canon sources and any items listed in bold.

Primary Canon Sources

External Information Sources

  • Nuclear Submarine Deep Dive – A video series on YouTube by SmarterEveryDay about US Nuclear Powered submarines, specifically the Los Angeles Class USS Toledo. This series includes the Under Ice Exercise in the arctic (ICEX), a tour of Toledo, an overview of the basic crew structure, and even technical info on torpedos, sonar, and more! I highly recommend that every member take a browse through this series but especially watch the video Boarding a US Nuclear Submarine.
  • Submarine 101 by Rick Campbell – Author who served on US Navy Submarines (SSBN & SSN) and reached the role of Executive Officer. This website provides a wonderful guide to life on submarines (including the Virginia Class) and has links to his books which are a wonderful source for learning the submarine lingo/life. Submarine 101 the description of submarine life is on his website and free and open use.
  • Article on Submarine Corpsman – An article on the medical capabilities of Corpsman on US Navy Submarines.

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