Staff Roles & Expectations

Hey everyone! In order to keep things moving smoothly and progressing for our wonderful community the staff has seen fit to update the expectations of being a member of the staff and taking on some more defined roles. That being said we feel that it is important for everyone to know the Out of Character “chain of command” and per our community rules we are notifying you of some changes to our rules page.

Updated Staff Rules Section

  • Write actively for the simulation.
  • Provide a well rounded picture of your characters that includes both on and off duty writing as an example to other members of how to develop their characters. 
  • Volunteer to create and write NPCs as needed.
  • Engage with the game’s membership out of character both as a support for their writing and socially. 
  • Provide advice or promote use of the Arizona database and other canon sources to members as needed in reaction to posted content or in response to Discord discussions.
  •  Keep up with posted content.
  • Support episode development by providing feedback and, where appropriate, ideas.
  • Take ownership of a project such as the awards system, database article development, recruitment, etc.
  • Utilize official USS Arizona email system to conduct all community business.
  • Utilize staff Trello system for project tracking and management.
  • Fulfill duties as assigned by role.

New Staff Roles

The Arizona is a research intensive and high effort required simulation that couldn’t take place without the assistance of a fantastic staff. All members of the staff are responsible for assisting community members, moderating episodes and scenes, and reviewing all scenes and member activities for award nominations. On top of these main duties that each member is required to carry out the following duties have been assigned:

Stephen, Arizona Staff page
Staff MemberAssigned RoleDuties
StephenGame ManagerThe Game Manager (GM) is basically the captain of our sim responsible for the overall leadership, development, and coordination of the sim from day-to-day. Stephen also serves as our webmaster, Sim Central moderator, and Sim Central Hosting Team member.
BethSenior Assistant Game ManagerThe Senior Assistant Game Manager (SAGM) is essentially the executive officer of our sim responsible for coordinating the efforts of the AGMs on behalf of the GM. Beth’s pet project is our recruitment efforts and assisting as a major sounding board for Stephen as he navigates developing the sim both in and out of character. Beth also serves as a member of the Sim Central moderation team.
PatAssistant Game Manager, Community EngagementThe AGM for Community Engagement, Pat, is responsible for engaging our community in continuous activity both in and out of character. Responsible for keeping the discord rolling and helping members find things to write about as well as creating biographies and navigating the Navy’s career system. If we were a real submarine he would be our Chief of the Boat.
TristanAssistant Game Manager, Episode PlanningThe AGM for Episode Planning, Tristan, is an absolute whiz when it comes to doing naval research and has even provided navigational charts for the submarine both in and out of character. Tristan’s main role is to assist in planning episodes, determining navigational/time specific items are realistic, and assisting in research and development for the sim’s database. If you hadn’t guessed Tristan is our Navigator both in and out of character.
Staff Role Table taken from Staff page.

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