Award Winners!

Arizona has completed its first award cycle including posts and activities from our initial creation through the end of May. I want to thank the members of the staff who took the time to go through all of our posts and activities leading up to these awards being announced. I do hope that moving forward more participation is seen from the crew in recognizing the efforts of their fellow members.

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

Post that showed great insight into the operations of a submarine, engineering, or other technically sound information presented that gave great substance to a post.

Switching Fish – Stephen, Penta, Shane, Darth, Anth

The title of this post doesn’t make it immediately obvious what it is about, but a coordinated effort was needed to run through this post and make sure that the details were clear. It was interesting to read through how a munitions transfer would work for the boat. Everything from the way that corridors are taped off to the back and forth confirmations and conversations on the pier gave it a realistic feeling will still having the sense of routine duty work. This is part of the job and it’s evident in the writing even if it isn’t an every day activity.


Beth is a true wonder to write with. Having no previous experience with the military, Beth tirelessly researches her posts to ensure they are accurate. This always makes them a joy to read and help create a picture of life on a sub.

Dive, Dive – Stephen, Anth, and Tristan

This post gave a good insight into the diving of a submarine, and also had some great writing.

Posts that make us crack a smile, let out a snort, or bring out a full on belly laugh. This award is for posts that brought humor into our lives and made our days a bit brighter because of it.

The Maple Syrup Terrorist – Anth and Stephen

This post still makes me chuckle. The poor guards at the guard shack all jumpy of Finch’s arrival in his Canadian uniform. My favorite bit:

Watts approached the vehicle and knelt down to look inside the official vehicle of the Canadian Royal Navy, “I heard something about a Maple Syrup Terrorist at the gate and I had to come check it out for myself.”

Finch had recognized the vehicle as it pulled up to the gatehouse. He tried to keep a serious deadpan expression, “We take our maple syrup very seriously in Canada…” the Canadian’s face shifted into a smile, “Welcome back home, XO. How was Her Majesty, Leftenant-commander?”

On a side note this post is based on true life events where Stephen was told by a new gate guard that his Coast Guard ID was no good on Navy bases.

An award for giving good insight to the background, growth, or development of a character through a written scene or a series of scenes.

ShaneMultiple Awards

Shane has a particular skill for developing character background and personality through interactions with others. In this post we got to talk to Kemo and his wife Tricia in a way that told us quite a lot about Kemo even though Kemo was largely occupied with kids through most of the conversation. My favorite part was learning about how Kemo introduced himself to Tricia. All around found this post developed Kemo in a really fun way that made him much easier to relate to in other posts.

Nomination for content in Getting to Know your Shipmates

Shane’s post regarding his characters family development are always a joy to read. He puts in a lot of effort creating their backgrounds and it is admirable he does this by himself. I look forward to more adventures from the Paahaos!

Nomination for Shane’s actions since joining the sim through 31 May as a whole.

Someone to Return to – Beth and Tristan

This post really showcased Isabell [Beth] and Tristan did a great job with Liam their reactions felt so natural and honest regarding a loved one going on a trip for work.


Anth has brought a unique perspective to the sub being that he is portraying a Canadian Naval Officer. Not only has he developed his characters background, but out of character he has offered a u hair perspective given his background. It is enjoyable to hear the constant mispronunciations of Lieutenant, and I look foreword to writing with him!

This award is given to a member who has successfully completed a biography for any character on the simulation who has served in the United States Military. This award is for accurately reflecting a realistic service record and a biography that includes early life history (pre-Navy), key relationships, and milestones throughout the character’s career up to their posting to Arizona. This is awarded by a member of the staff on behalf of the Game Manager, members may self-nominate if needed.

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