Awards System & First Awards

The Staff of Arizona decided that being sure to recognize the effort our wonderful members put into this community each and every day would be a priority for us. We have launched a new awards system that will be becoming active over the next few days for members to begin using to nominate their fellow community members for an award recognizing their participation, their writing, and other efforts.

To view the new awards system please check out the awards page here. Members should keep an eye out for further announcements on how and when you can begin making nominations.

I would like to announce the very first awards of our new award system today as well!

Plank Owners

Awarded to a member who joined the USS Arizona prior to January 2022. The original members who signed up prior to January 2022 did so without the benefit of any established canon, ready resources on the wiki, or idea of how our posts would work. These members helped drive the development and success of the sim so early in its life.

Congratulations to the following members for being officially recognized as USS Arizona Plank Owners:

  • Stephen
  • Pat B
  • Beth
  • Tristan
  • Aaron (Former Member)
  • Penta (Former Member)

Established Members

I would also like to announce that Stephen and Pat B the co-founders of Arizona have been awarded the Established Member award for six months of service to the community!

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