Staff Expectations

Hello Arizona Members!

A new list of expectations for the Assistant Game Managers to follow have been added to the official rules of the community. The updated rules page can be viewed here. There have been no changes except for the addition below:

Staff Expectations

  • Write actively for the simulation.
  • Provide a well rounded picture of your characters that includes both on and off duty writing as an example to other members of how to develop their characters. 
  • Volunteer to create and write NPCs as needed.
  • Engage with the game’s membership out of character both as a support for their writing and socially. 
  • Provide advice or promote use of the Arizona database and other canon sources to members as needed in reaction to posted content or in response to Discord discussions.
  •  Keep up with posted content.
  • Support episode development by providing feedback and, where appropriate, ideas.
  • Take ownership of a project such as the awards system, database article development, recruitment, etc.

Any questions please let me know!


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