USS Arizona
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Posted on 12 Feb 2023 @ 9:32pm by Chief Petty Officer Samantha Gibbons

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Date 2025-05-21 at 2030

Sam had left the crew mess and headed to her quarters, she had the early shift the following day and wanted to have some time to process the ceremony that they had just had. This was turning into a very interesting tour, even with the cramped quarters and spending long periods of time underwater, Sam wouldn't change anything.

Sitting down with her laptop, she opened the journaling document that she had started and began writing about the ceremony. She was proud of the crew that she was serving with and she felt that they were ready for anything that came at them. She sat there for a few minutes, and wrote that while she was missing her family, she knew that she would see them soon enough.

Finishing her daily entry, she brushed her teeth, and got ready for bed and was soon in bed, reading one of her books that she had on her tablet until she fell asleep, her alarm set so that she would wake up in time to get a shower before reporting for duty.


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