USS Arizona
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Meeting with the COB

Posted on 12 Feb 2023 @ 7:07pm by Petty Officer First Class Rebecca Robinson & Command Master Chief Petty Officer Hector Gonzales

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: COBs Office, USS Arizona
Timeline: Date 2025-05-09 at 0000

Rebecca’s shift had ended for the day and she was pretty tired, though not normal in the case of today she had some intense troubleshooting to preform and keeping her team on task seemed to be a lot. It could have been because the ship had just gotten underway again. She wanted to talk to the COB about her quals as well as promotion to Chief.

She made her way to his office knocking on the door waiting for a reply. After hearing to enter she walked in and stood at attention “Hello Master Chief, wanted to come in and talk to you about getting started with my co pilot quals, also wanting to discuss my steps for the promotion to Chief. I have heard so many different opinions, but I figured you’d know better than anyone.” She finished still standing at attention.

"Enter," Hector replied before he turned away from his computer. The hatch opened and Petty Officer Robinson entered. He nodded and motioned that she could relax. "Of course Ms. Robinson. To begin why don't you tell me what you've been told so far," he asked.

Rebecca thought for a moment “I have been told above all else it’s time, but I know time is nearing the end and I want to make sure I have everything ready and prepared. I am looking into pursuing a masters as well. I’ve also been told the Chief board is very selective and it’s tough to be chosen.”

She stopped to give the Master Chief time to respond.

Hector nodded in response as he leaned back in his chair. "And may I ask who told you this," he asked. The question was not accusatory, Hector just wanted to be sure who was giving her advice incase it was incorrect.

Rebecca stopped for a moment "It was an old family friend who holds a position in Norfolk. I was taking his word for the information he provided, but I wanted to make sure and ask someone who currently would be able to see my records."

Hector nodded again. "Well Ms. Robinson, let me pull up your personnel file real quick," he said as he turned to face his computer screen. As the COB, Hector had access to all the enlisted personnel files for the crew. He found the right folder and with a few mouse clicks he brought up her records. "So just to remind you that your detailer has the most accurate information regarding advancement. The main thing is the time in grade requirement," he said turning to glance at her before he scrolled through her file.

Rebecca nodded "I know I am nearing 10 years, but I have heard the requirements go anywhere from 10 to 12 years in most cases. Sometimes even more, but I am guessing that's in very rare cases."

Hector nodded as he read her service record. "That is true regarding total service time. The other factor is how much time you've been in your current grade," he said before he turned to look at her. "Based on what your service record says, your approaching your ten year enlistment anniversary date. Based on that, you won't be eligible for this years Chiefs board. They meet annually in the fall, but that doesn't mean next year's board is out of the question," he offered.

Rebecca nodded "That does make sense. The clarification is appreciated, as this give me more time to prepare for the board. In the meantime is there anything else I can do to help in the preparation for the board?"

"I'd say lets keep working on getting your pilot qualifications. As long as you do a good job and keep racking up the excellent fitness reports, I don't see there being a problem," he said with a smile. "Just remember to speak with your detailer about this as well," he offered.

Rebecca nodded "I have been working on it just waiting for my chance to actually try the job. I will make sure and speak to my detailer as well." She smiled "Thanks for the reassurance and help it is much appreciated. Do you see anything else I need to work on?"

"Not anything that I can think of at the moment," Hector said before looking at her expectantly. "Just keep up the good work Ms. Robinson," he said giving her a smile.

Rebecca smiled and nodded “I will do my best!” She said standing up and departing the office happy with the information that she had been given. She was on the right track and that alone was enough to keep doing her best.


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