USS Arizona
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A Thousand Words

Posted on 10 Nov 2022 @ 12:43pm by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kemo Paahao & Patricia Paahao-Ivanovich

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Times Square, New York City
Timeline: Date 2025-05-09 at 1800

Kemo pulled at his cuffs uncomfortably, aware of the looks he was getting from the crowd as he made his way up the steps from the subway, looking about to get his bearings as he took in time square.

There were lots of people moving about and he still wondered at Tricia’s cryptic note. He…they…had been in New York City for about eight hours. It had taken that long to get the boat squared away, watches set and arrange for various things before he’d arrived at the hotel she’d chosen. He found his dress blue uniform and a cryptic note from his wife to meet her in Times Square in said uniform.

Kemo checked his watch, then glanced around as his phone chimed and he found gps coordinates. Muttering to himself, wondering what she was playing at. Knowing there was only one way to find out, he squared his shoulders and glanced about quickly and merged into the throng of people.

Tricia stood, arms crossed as her eyes roved over the crowds surging past her on both sides. She kept the blue cloak wrapped tight about her but she still grew all sorts of looks from passers by and she kept herself (yet again) from reaching up to ensure the silly damned hat hadn’t shifted.

The way she had pinned it in, it wouldn’t move unless someone actually tried to rip it from her head. If that happened, she’d lose a chunk of hair with it…though she wouldn’t put it past it happening in NY.

“Is getting close to time, yes Missus?” The photographer asked her as he checked his own watch and stood, half leaning against the pole his camera was mounted on. The swarthy, dark haired woman was chewing gum and occasionally snapped photos of the crowd, fiddling with her camera.

“Yes. Kemo should be getting here… Wait. There he is,” Tricia said with a smile as Kemo emerged from the crowd and saw her. His pace slowed slowly as she posed for him, casting back the deep blue cloak with red crosses and grinned at him.

“What,” Kemo asked, though after getting a look at her and then the photographer, he had a pretty good idea. “Is this,” he finished.

Tricia was costumed in a WW2, crisp white medical nurses outfit complete with white silk stockings, shoes and cape. “Hey sailor,” she called out impishly. “Welcome home!!”

As he entered the space that had been cleared for the shoot, she rushed at him and he gathered her up for a kiss. After a few cat calls and whistles from the crowd, the photographer stepped up, cleared her throat and said. “Yes. Shall we get the snaps in and then we can adjourn to the studio? The permit for this spot is only good for an hour…”

Tricia nodded as she pulled away slightly from Kemo and said, “Yes. And before he musses me too bad.”

Tricia then told her of her plan and Kemo had to shake his head with amusement. Over the next twenty minutes, they kissed repeatedly getting the photo she wanted just right.

Though to be honest, the first few times he screwed up his positioning on purpose.

When he started to get the idea that she was done with his clowning though, he knuckled down and they completed the shoot. As the photographer gathered up her things and began leading them away, Tricia wrapped her arms around Kemos and they followed.

“The children and mother are waiting at Artesia’s studio,” she told him. “I want some professional portraits. Then she’ll take them back to the hotel and we can go change and have the night to ourselves. It’s really good to see you love.”

Smiling at her, Kemo patted her gloved hand as it rested on his forearm and he said, “As always. My wish is your command, Tricia. How are the sex trophies?”

Tricia’s face blushed crimson at his question and she poked him, then giggled as she realized no one in the crowd around them was going to bat an eye at his comment. “They’re fine. Probably about to to go out of their minds waiting to see you though.”

They continued to chat as they walked the few blocks to the studio and Kemo sighed as his mind worked to switch gears from work to play. It wasn’t a hard transition but it always took some doing. He was glad she’d brought the entire herd down though…the kiddos would get a chance to tour the boat this time and he knew they all would enjoy that.


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