USS Arizona
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A Shiny New Weps

Posted on 28 Dec 2022 @ 11:49am by Lieutenant William Orr & Commander Nathan Lewes

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: tbd
Timeline: Date 2025-05-09 at 0900

Will stood on the quay for a moment, drinking in the site of the Arizona before he reported aboard. He also took in the flurry of activity and noted the increased security.

Holmes would wonder what was afoot, but Will had a decent idea. At least as much as he’d been briefed on while getting his paperwork in order over the past couple of weeks.

Checking his watch, Will picked up both sea and B4 bag and made for across the pier. His orders and military ID were checked twice before he hit the gangway and then he was saluting the colors before he presented himself to the officer of the Deck, requesting permission to come aboard and informing that worthy that he was ‘Reporting aboard to join.”

After having his orders and ID checked against the OOD’s clipboard, he was directed toward the CO. Will asked to have his luggage deposited in his quarters and made his way below to report in.

“Enter,” the Captain said, seeing the man at the door to his quarters. Commander Lewes had returned his sidearm to the armory and as they began to prepare for an afternoon tour he had changed into his khaki service uniform.

He stood behind his chair as he was about to power up his work station with the new network connection IT had just gotten going.

“Welcome aboard, Lieutenant, didn’t take you long to find us.”

"Well sir," Will began, handing over his orders. "BuPers led me to understand that I wasn't to dawdle. They actually didn't balk when I turned in my travel expenses to get here. That almost never happens." He'd slipped into a parade rest stance and was glad to see the creases in his khaki service dress uniform hadn't started working themselves out yet.

"That is true, we're only here for a few days," he said. "And with all that's going on with DC I'm kind of expecting some changes. Have a seat," he said. "How familiar are you with the Virginia class? And what qualifications do you bring?"

Willian's mouth curled a little in a smile as he looked over his new CO. Lewis likely knew Will's record better than he did at this point. Any Captain that had had this much twitchiness in their Weapons department a couple months into a sea deployment was going to do their best to screen replacements.

Clearing his throat, Tell said, "Two years aboard the North Dakota out of basic sub school. I was Combat Division officer for Fire Control and Torpedo before I rotated out and spent the last two years getting my masters wrapped up at NPS Monterey where I was focusing on unmanned submersibles. That's necessitated staying current with weapons systems under deployment but equally it's been two years since I've been part of a watch rotation. Hopefully that will come back to me, sir."

"Alright, well, I'll likely have you stand a few watches with the senior watch officer on this trip back to Kitsap to get you reacquainted then," Lewes said. "I'll let Commanders Watts and Mcclendi know. The XO is around somewhere but I expect her to be off the boat most of the time we're in New York so now is probably a good time to catch her. Though... don't mention that to her," Lewes said, kicking himself in hindsight. "It's a surprise."

"I know nothing about nothing about any surprises, Captain," Tell said with a wry grin. "And there will be more than enough for me to do and get a handle on. If you don't have anything else sir, maybe I should catch her now?"

"Yeah, how's your appendix?" the Captain asked, with a raised eyebrow. "No doubt you heard how you got the switch with our last weps."

"I think maybe division was worried about that Captain," Tell remarked dryly, a hint of humor in his eyes. "I was invited and ordered to report to medical both before I left the west coast and when I arrived on the east coast. I appreciate the Navy trying to help me meet nurses but two physicals in under two weeks seems slightly overkill. Even for the Navy. Sir."

"I would imagine," the Captain said. "Well you go get yourself settled and find the ENG she'll get you squeezed into her watch section as JOOD," the Captain said, rising to shake the Lieutenant's hand.

After shaking the Captains's hand, Wil took a step back and said, "Aye aye, sir," as he came to attention and saluted, then pivoted on his heel and stepped out of the cabin after a quick look in all directions to make sure he wouldn't run into anyone. Then orientating himself, he decided to check with the OOD and find his quarry.

"And so it begins," he murmured wryly to himself as he made his way.


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