USS Arizona
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Posted on 20 Oct 2022 @ 23:14 by Commander Nathan Lewes & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

Episode: E1: A Historic Voyage
Location: Port of New York and New Jersey
Timeline: Date 2025-05-09 at 0700

“Time until surface point,” Liz asked, glancing at the clock on the OOD console. She sat with the cup of coffee that the captain had brought along with him for her. He had since moved along to conduct rounds of the boat and surprise the watch standers who wouldn’t know that he was coming.

“Ten minutes, ma’am,” the Quarter Master of the Watch reported from the plot behind her.

“Thanks,” she said, then sipping from her coffee. She looked at the CO and they exchanged nods of approvals which was good enough for her. She selected the 1MC and raised the microphone to her mouth pausing a moment before depressing the talk button.

"All Stations, Control, prepare to surface... proceeding to periscope depth in ten minutes."

"Surface, Surface," was announced by the co-pilot over the 1MC followed by the dive alarm being sounded twice. It was then repeated.

"Up photonics and ESM masts," Liz commanded. "Pilot surface the ship, five up, ahead one third," she added. They were approaching periscope depth.

"CONN, ESM no threats but multiple surface contacts. All pleasure or commercial shipping, ma'am."

"CONN, Aye," she responded, now using her headset as she checked the surface with the photonics mast. The boat continued moving upward starting to broach the surface.

"Up communications and radar masts. Energize the radar," Liz commanded. She continued spinning the photonics masts sweeping upward once and a while checking for threats from the surface and air. As she did so the fire control party began reporting all of the surface radar contacts which was quite a list. They matched them with the various sonar contacts and the tactical display at her console began updating.

"Radio, CONN align the VHF radio to control," Liz ordered.

"CONN, Radio VHF is aligned ma'am," the radio operators responded, after a moment.

"The ship is on the surface," the pilot announced.

"Coast Guard, Coast Guard, this is US Navy Submarine Eight-Zero-Three," Liz called over the Marine VHF calling channel.

"Eight-Zero-Three this is Sector New York."

"Sector New York, Eight-Zero-Three we are on the surface and approaching the rendezvous point."

"Roger Eight-Zero-Three, we have two small boats in the area that should be alongside in about five minutes. Continue on course," the voice from the command center in Staten Island advised.

"Eight-Zero-Three roger, out," Liz responded selecting the 1MC. "Shift command to the bridge." She announced.

Meanwhile over the VHF radio which could be heard on a speaker from her console and of course in the radio shack: "Sécurité, Sécurité, Sécurité! This is the US Coast Guard Sector New York to all vessels and stations operating in the Port of New York and New Jersey. A US Navy Submarine will be operating in the area with a security zone enforced around the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space museum. Any vessel entering the security zones against Federal Maritime Law will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any vessel requiring assistance or coming in contact with the vessel with security or safety concerns please contact the US Coast Guard on Marine VHF channel sixteen." The announcement repeated itself.

They passed by the Statue of Liberty with the Coast Guard escort in front and to the side. They were clearly gaining a lot of attention by those on liberty island and vessels they passed. It wasn't everyday that a Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine graced this particular port. Liz and the Captain stood on the bridge a phone talker alongside of them and the lookouts who were armed were on the deck below. Liz and Lewes were also armed now with a sidearm that had been delivered to them by Lieutenant Broward.

Liz who scanned around with a pair of binoculars to check the distance ahead and behind turned to look at the captain.

"Never thought we'd enter the New York harbor with guns at our hips," Lewes commented.

"Yeah, really," Liz said, sounding disgusted. She let the binoculars down so they hung on their sling around her neck and then she unconsciously touched the weapon holstered on her right with her hand. She was proficient with hand guns and rifles alike but rarely touched one outside of the required range time. It wasn't a comfortable thing for her to carry a weapon on her person which considering she'd been responsible for being part of nuclear weapons release at various times in her career was something.

It had been a long time since she'd been in New York and Liz had caught herself checking out the sights and reminded herself that wasn't okay.

"I'll hail the tugboat," the Captain said, grabbing the microphone that had been installed to the bridge communications box.

"Double up all lines!" Liz commanded via megaphone, as the submarine had the first lines secured to the bollards on the pier. The pier was crawling with various law enforcement, coast guard, and museum personnel. There was also crowds on the street watching the submarine pulling alongside the pier and now of course secure itself.

A gangway which had been provided by the Coast Guard was standby on the pier as well. Liz was a little worried about how it would secure to the boat as it looked a bit different than the ones normally used for submarines. But they had smart individuals aboard and between the Coast Guard deck crews that came to assist and the engineering department on the submarine they'd figure it out.

"Permission to secure the gangway!" the Chief in charge of the tie down evolution called on his megaphone toward Liz.

"Permission granted!" Liz called back. "Prepare to take on IT lines," she ordered. "Bridge to all stations we are tied alongside, secure the maneuvering watch, post the special in port engineering watch sections, ITSC and ENG to the bridge. All department heads report to the wardroom for a briefing in thirty minutes."


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