USS Arizona


E1: A Historic Voyage

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The USS Arizona (SSN-803) has been commissioned and in place of standard sea trials the ship will be getting underway for a historic voyage. The Arizona will be the first US Navy Submarine to make circumnavigate the North American content including going under the ice cap and proceeding through the Panama Canal since the USS Triton. The Arizona's journey and status as having a completely mixed gender crew is being used for US Navy and US Navy Submarine recruitment and publicity purposes. The crew which have been together between six months and a year for training and preparations while the Arizona was still a pre-commissioning unit are finally going to be able to work together underway.

Our Path

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Our Path is a special episode showcasing world building and the character's past including all events prior to the start of Episode 101: A Historic Voyage and as far back as time is known.

E2: Twelve Mile Line

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The USS Arizona (SSN-803) has returned to Kitsap Naval Base at the completion of its Public Affairs operation. They are placed on a quick turnaround and immediately sent on patrol to shadow possible Chinese submarines detected by pacific SOSUS sensors along the border of US National Waterways in the pacific north. Arizona is ordered to track all submerged contacts and intercept if they cross into US Territorial Waters.

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