USS Arizona
Maxwell  Tate

Name Maxwell Tate

Gender Male

Place of Birth Louisville Ky

Date of Birth 10/6/1992

Position Family & Friends

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Characters / Maxwell Tate

Maxwell Tate


A quiet sort of bookish sort he is generally closed off, but has a wicked sense of humor once he warms up. He rarely mentions his job because he has enough issues with how some of his classmates reacted.


Growing up in a small family in Knoxville TN he had what could best be described as a normal childhood. In High School, he wrestled competitively and turned out to have a knack for mathematics.

After High School he enlisted in the Army, mainly to find more focus in his life and for a sense of adventure. He spent his career in Hawaii working in intelligence analysis and found he had a knack for it. He used his time well and managed to finish 1/2 of a Bachelor's degree and upon discharge was able to enter the University of Kentucky and graduate with a mathematics degree with honors.

Moving down to UT-Auston for his master's degree, he met recruiters from the National Security Agency, who convinced him to apply for an opening. He was selected and soon ended up in Maryland where he started his career. Eventually, he moved on to Bremerton WA where his career continues

Service Record

2010-2014: US Army Cyberspace Inteligance anaylist,
2014-2016: University of Tenessee Bsci. Mathmatics
2016-2018: University of Texas-Austin MSci Mathmatics, Dissertation on Linear algebra and uses in data cryptography.
2018-2020: NSA Ft Meade Maryland, Data collection and anaylisis specialist China
2020-2022: NSA: Los Angeles: Data interpretation and anaylisis
2022-2024: NSA Bremerton WA: Data collection specialist (cyber and internet)