USS Arizona
Samantha   Gibbons

Name Samantha Gibbons

Gender Female

Position Chief Culinary Specialist

Rank Chief Petty Officer

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Characters / Samantha Gibbons

Chief Petty Officer Samantha Gibbons

Samantha was born on March 31, 1994 in Honolulu, HI. She is the youngest of the four children. Her parents, David and Arianna currently reside in Honolulu. David is a Commander in the US Navy. He is currently stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor. Arianna is a Major in the US Army, she is also stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor.

Samantha attended local schools and graduated in May 2012. In August 2012, she reported for Boot Camp at Navy Great Lakes. About halfway through Boot Camp, Samantha applied for A-School. Her first choice was culinary specialist, followed by Fire Fighting and Information Technology. Sam completed Boot Camp in November 2012.

Samantha’s first duty station began in November 2012 at NAS New Orleans, in Belle Chasse, LA. While stationed here, Samantha continued to hone her cooking skills, including baking. Samantha also developed a taste for Cajun food. With the permission of her Chief, Samantha incorporated the techniques and flavors into the food that was served at the Naval Air Station.

In May 2013, Samantha was accepted to A-School in Fort Lee, VA. She completed her A-School in June 2013. Her second duty station was aboard the USS Lake Champlain, in the 3rd fleet. Samantha served aboard the Champlain until June 2017. When she reenlisted for another four years and she transferred to Naval Station Rota in Rota, Spain. During her tour in Rota, Spain, Samantha applied for Submarine school and while she waited for acceptance, she continued her culinary duties in Spain, learning new techniques and flavors.

In July 2021, Samantha began Submarine school in Groton, CT. She completed Submarine school in August 2021. Once she had completed her training, Samantha was assigned to the USS Connecticut as a culinary specialist. During this tour, Samantha was promoted to Chief Culinary specialist. In August 2025, Samantha was transferred to the USS Arizona as the Chief Culinary Specialist.


Samantha is pretty laid back, she insists on those under her doing the best that they can. She loves working with junior officers and teaching them the ins and outs of cooking aboard a ship or submarine.



Her siblings gave Samantha the nickname "Mahina"as a baby because of her tendency to stay up very late. The name stuck with her and her crew mates carried it on.

Sam’s eldest brother, Brently Gibbons (41) is an investigator with Kauai Prosecuting Attorney's Office. His wife. Isabel Rathton Gibbons (39) met in High School and married shortly after they both graduated. They have three children; Ezra Gibbons (6 years old); Naila Gibbons (5 years old) and Mason Gibbons (8 months old). Isabel is a stay at home mom. They are also certified foster parents and have two foster children.

Her older brother, Ashford (40) is a teacher at Radford High School. In his first year of teaching he met and married a fellow teacher, Tasha Raynard-Gibbons (38). They have two children, Elijah Gibbons (3 years old) and Naila Gibbons (3 months old). Ashford and Tasha are currently in the process of becoming certified foster parents as well.

Sam’s older sister, Emmalyn Gibbons-Roche (35) is a Lieutenant in the United States Navy and is working as a nurse at Naval Station Okinawa. She is married to Matthew Roche (39) and has one child, Esmay Roche (4 years old).

Growing up in a military family, it was expected of Sam to at least join the NJROTC in high school. Sam applied to and was accepted into the program her freshman year.

During high school, Sam participated in cheer leading and Air Rifle team. By her senior year, Samantha was the Commander of the Alpha Unit in NJROTC. She decided to join the Navy straight out of High School, rather than attending the Naval Academy.

Sam had to wait two months for the next rotation of Boot Camp at Navy Great Lakes. On arrival, Sam was greeted by the drill instructors. Over the next 10 weeks, Sam learned exactly what it meant to be a sailor and being a part of a larger community.

Service Record

Born March 31, 1994 in Honolulu, HI
Graduated High School May 2012
Joined the Navy in August 2012
August 2012-November 2012- Boot Camp at Navy Great Lakes
November 2012-May 2013- Stationed at Navy New Orleans as a non-rate in Belle Chasse, LA as a mess cook
May 2013- June 2013- A-School for Culinary Specialist at Ft Lee, VA.
June 2013-June 2017- Assigned to the 3rd Fleet aboard the USS Lake Champlain as a culinary specialist.
June 2017- Reenlisted for four more years
June 2017-June 2021-Stationed at Naval Station Rota, in Rota Spain; Applied for Submarine school while in Rota.
July 2021-August 2021-Attended Submarine school at Navy Groton, CT
August 2021-August 2025 Assigned to USS Connecticut as Culinary Specialist- promoted
August 2025-Present- Assigned to the USS Arizona as Chief Culinary Specialist