USS Arizona
Liam  Knight

Name Liam Knight

Gender Male

Date of Birth August 10, 1997

Position Family & Friends

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Characters / Liam Knight

Liam Knight

Liam is a hard-working local boy who is used to the familiar setting of the nearby Naval Base. He primarily focuses on his work, but occasionally finds time to go out into town to socialize. He works for a local automotive repair and wrecker service called Mitch's Auto.


Liam James Knight was born in Seattle, WA on August 10, 1997, to Jacob and Sandra Knight. His father is a yarder operator in the logging industry, while his mother is a 3rd grade schoolteacher. His family moved to Bremerton when he was 10 from Tacoma. Being an only child, his father wanted him to follow his footsteps into the logging industry, but Liam wanted to do something different. This did not help the relationship between father and son, and they have been on the outs ever since. After graduating from high school, Liam decided to follow his passion and enroll in technical school for automotive maintenance. Since completing his schooling, Liam has worked as a mechanic for various shops around Bremerton for 10 years. He hopes one day to open his own automotive repair shop. Liam was previously in a long-term relationship but broke it off about five years ago when he discovered his ex was cheating on him with one of his friends. Since then, he has focused on his work and occasionally finds time to go out with the few friends he still has. Liam always finds time to go to the gym and keep himself in shape either before or after his shift at work. His hobbies include hiking, fishing, hunting. He also likes to restore old cars and rents a small garage where he occasionally takes on project cars for side money. In addition to his certification as an automotive technician, Liam also holds a Commercial Driver's License and is certified in diesel engine repair.