USS Arizona
Sofia  Roselli

Name Sofia Roselli

Gender Female

Date of Birth August 12 1991

Position Family & Friends

Second Position Family & Friends

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Characters / Sofia Roselli

Sofia Roselli

A professor of history and political science, she is still feeling her way around the new community and this new lifestyle of a military spouse/significant other.


Friendly, with a strong sarcastic streak, she is quick to make friends,


Sofia was born to Angelo and Maria Roselli in Boston MA, in 1996 when she was 4 years old her parents were killed when the flight they were on from Boston Logan to Chicago O'Hare crashed on takeoff killing all on board, sending her to live with her grandparents. Her grandfather Angelo was a former Destroyer crewmember during the second world war, including the USS Indianapolis. She had a reasonably normal childhood, though she had to deal with the feelings of loss with her parents death.

She went off to college at Boston College, where she focused on political science and history, graduating at the top of her class she proceeded to Graduate school at Harvard, where she earned a dual masters in History and Political Science. Her doctorate in Political science was earned at Oxford college London, on a Fullbright scholarship. Once she graduated she was doing a post graduate at MIT and teaching a few 100 level classes when she met Ciara Mcclellandi.

The two women seemed like opposites but they seem to balance themselves out. In a surprise to her friends, when rather then try for a tenured position in Cambridge MA, she instead moved out to Washington and began teaching at the local community college.