USS Arizona
Ciara  Mcclellandi

Name Ciara Mcclellandi

Gender Female

Date of Birth May 6 1995

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Senior Watch Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

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Characters / Ciara Mcclellandi

Lieutenant Commander Ciara Mcclellandi


Personality: An odd mix of cheerful and cynical, comes from a rough and tumble upbringing, though when she gets her mind set on something she can be very stubborn.


In 1993, Ciara was born to Eamon and Sarah Mcclellandi in the small town of Ruggsville Texas. Her parents had emigrated from Ireland in the early 1980s and settled where her father worked as an oil roughneck, while her mother worked part-time at the local grocery store as a butcher’s assistant.

Growing up this way she was no stranger to hard work. Her childhood was filled with helping out on neighbor’s farms and ranches, everything from harvest to helping move cattle. During her schooling, she turned out to be gifted in the sciences. Her hard work resulted in her skipping a year of grade school going up to 6th grade and making her younger than the rest of her classmates,

When she started high school, she tried out for their 6 man football team, and after some hemming and hawing on the school’s part she began playing as a tight end/ cornerback, where she turned out to be to quote her coach “As mean as a snapping turtle and fast as a Jackrabbit with a rocket up its ass”

After High School, she was selected for an appointment to the US Naval Academy. Where she majored in nuclear engineering.

After graduation, she took her first request for Submarine service and began the training to qualify. She graduated near the top of her class.

The first seaside assignment on the USS Alabama she showed strong leadership skills to accompany her technical skills, and after earning her Submarine rating she moved to Cambridge MA to attend graduate school and act as NROTC cadre.

After graduation, she was tapped for pre-commissioning work on the USS Arizona and is now part of her initial crew.

Service Record

2013-2017: US Naval Academy Bsc Nuclear Engineering GPA 3.85/4.0

2017-2019: ENS: Naval Nuclear power School, Charleston SC, Naval Power Training Unit Charleston SC, Submarine Officer Basic Course Groton CT

2019-2022: LTJG USS Alabama: Reactor Control Assistant, Engineering watch officer.

2022-2024: LT Massachusetts Information of Technology: MSc Nuclear Engineering 3.90/4.0

March 2024-Sept 2024: Submarine Officers Advanced Course Groton CT

2024-2025: LT Kitsap WA, pre-commissioning crew USS Arizona,

2025: LCDR: Department head Engineering: USS Arizona