USS Arizona
Rebecca  Robinson

Name Rebecca Robinson

Gender Female

Place of Birth The University of Tennessee Medical Center - Knoxville TN

Date of Birth 08/08/1997

Position Lead Fire Control Technician

Rank Petty Officer First Class

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Characters / Rebecca Robinson

Petty Officer First Class Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca has been part of the Navy since she was enlisted and has not wanted to do anything other than be in the Navy. She is a true squid and does not plan to ever leave the Navy. Rebecca has made the Navy her life and because of it she has very few friends.


A friendly type unless she is stabbed in the back. She will be distant and not easy to talk to off duty. On Duty she is devoted to her job and will not tolerate any disrespect.


Rebecca was born in 1997 in Knoxville Tennessee to Jack and Christy Robinson. The only child Christy had with multiple miscarriage's Rebecca is her parent's pride and joy. She made the decision to serve her country after feeling like she had something she needed to give back to the rest of the world.

Rebecca was smart in school and applied herself to try and push for the best she could be. This helped her in her ASVAB testing to make sure she was open to any position in the Navy. She had joined her school JROTC to help in learning the basics of military life.

Rebecca was immediately sent to basic naval training in Gurnee, IL. Her time there was not easy and she struggled through her first few weeks of class. She wasn't used to the structure of the Navy and she was pulled to the office by her Recruit Division Commander who questioned why she was struggling to tell her he saw potential in her and to not give up. This was rare for any RDC, but it gave Rebecca a new drive to shoot for the best.

She took the next few weeks determined to change the beginning of her time in boot camp. Rebecca made some friends but continued to push herself to the end of class where she had been deemed the honor graduate with a promotion to Navy Seaman Apprentice. She finished boot camp and was whisked away after her selection for submarine school.

Rebecca had gained her confidence and really settled into the Navy life with pride for being chosen for submarine school and pushed through the classes with astounding knowledge from her constant studying methods. As such she had little time of social interaction making her known by the group as the studious one.

After sub school she jumped right into Fire Control Technician “A” school, which was probably some of the most rewarding classes she had taken. She fell in love with the position during training learning the many facets needed including arithmetic and computer skills. Rebecca didn’t pick up on the computer skills immediately, but after many hours of extra study she grasped the concept and made it through school with only a few minor issues. She was promoted to Petty Officer Third Class

She was given a few weeks before her first sea duty and went home to a huge celebration with her family, which was short lived before reporting to the USS Connecticut a Seawolf-class submarine.

Her four years on the vessel was highly rewarding and in the time she had made a name for herself on the ship. While on duty she started a bachelors degree to help her further her career in the Navy. The majority of her four years on the ship was uneventful with a few exciting moments. She was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class in this time and continued to do her best in her position.

Rebecca was unsure as to what she was going to do for her shore duty until she got a request that was an honor for her. She was asked to be an FTC instructor in Groton. She accepted with no hesitation. After her duty on the Connecticut she realized she loved sun life though for some that would sound like insanity Rebecca was a true squid and loved her career.

Rebecca had very few friends from her childhood, but Susanna was one of the few she had kept in her list. Susanna had joined the navy and was on a destroyer as a Fire Control man. Rebecca helped encourage her friend as she went for her first sea tour.

Rebecca began her tenure as an instructor and loved the ability of teaching others about the job she adored. The entire time she was an instructor she dreamed of being on a submarine again. She also completed her degree after 6 years, due to the limitations of connection to the internet in her tour on the Connecticut. She had heard the unfortunate news of the Connecticut’s collision with a seamount and was glad she wasn’t part of that. She continued to be a model instructor giving her a citation for the hard work of training new enlisted ranks. As her time as an instructor neared it’s end she was promoted to Petty Officer First Class.

She was going to extend her tour as an instructor when she was given the opportunity to become a drone operator. She accepted and moved to Bangor WA, where she learned more about the submarines based in the station and the skills needed for operating a drone. The time in the position was enlightening and earned Rebecca another citation as she finished her one year in the position. It had come with reprimands and chastisement, but all for her betterment.

She wanted to be on a sub again and watched for an opening to see the USS Arizona (SSN-803) needing a Lead Fire Control Technician. She applied with her former time in the position in the job and her rank she was accepted and began her second sea tour eager to see what she would learn and encounter.


Graduated May 2023 - American Military University - BSc in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Operations.

Service Record

July - September 2015 - 8 weeks Naval Station Great Lakes, Gurnee, IL. (Boot Camp)

September - November 2015 - 9 weeks Basic Enlisted Submarine School, Groton, CT

November 2015 - March 2016 - 18 weeks Class "A" Technical School and Specialty Pipeline School, Groton, CT

April 2016 - October 2020 - Fire Control Technician, USS Connecticut (SSN-22)

November 2020 - October 2023 - Instructor, Fire Control Technician "A" School, Groton, CT

October 2023 - October 2024 - Naval Remote Operations School, Naval Base Kitsap, WA

November 2024 - Present - Lead Fire Control Technician, USS Arizona (SSN-803)


Recruit Basic Military Training - Great Lakes, IL

Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) - Groton, CT

Tactical Computers and Network Operator (TCNO) - Groton, CT

Submarine Fire Control Technician Class A (T06A) - Groton, CT

Advanced Target Motion Analysis - Groton, CT

Submarine Torpedo Employment - Groton, CT

Submarine Missile Employment / Strike Planning - Groton, CT

Assistant Fire Control Technician of the Watch (FTOW) - USS Connecticut (SSN-22)

Torpedo Room Support - USS Connecticut (SSN-22)

Ordnance Handling Team Member - USS Connecticut (SSN-22) and USS Arizona (SSN-803)


Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon - Awarded right out of Basic Training.

Submarine Warfare Insignia - Awarded during her time on the USS Connecticut (SSN-22) for full qualification in submarine operations.

Good Conduct Medal - Awarded for over three years of superior service.

US Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon - Awarded for being forward-deployed for a period of 90 consecutive days.

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal - Awarded for her excellence in duty as an instructor training the next generation of Fire Control Technicians.

National Defense Service Medal - Awarded for being active duty through the Global War on Terrorism.