USS Arizona
Kemo  Paahao

Name Kemo Paahao

Gender Male

Date of Birth January 16, 1991

Position Damage Control Assistant (ENG)

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

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Characters / Kemo Paahao

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kemo Paahao

Kimo is a professional sailor with nearly thirty years of being steeped in the traditions of the US navy, a dozen of those years in the service.

Physical Appearance

Kimo is of medium height and has an athletic form. He has neatly trimmed black hair and brown eyes and is of Polynesian/Asian descent. He favors tailored uniforms when off ship (even utilities) but more broken in, disposable uniforms when aboard the boat. He stands 175 cm in height and weights approximately 76 kg.


Kimo is a teacher. He is a calm, quiet professional doing his job to the best of his ability. Kimo’s a critical thinker and not beyond bending or breaking what’s proscribed in the manual if he’s convinced there’s a better way. He has a ready smile and easy manner, getting along with almost everyone.


Born on Hawaii, Kimo’s early years were filled with bad role models as a single mother attempted to raise him. When she had a drug fueled episode and ended up committed, his maternal grandfather decided to take steps. His grandfather was widowed. Kimo had no father in the picture and no family willing or able to take on another mouth to feed. So, his grandfather turned to his fellows in the Loyal Order of Moose and arranged for Kimo to be enrolled at the MooseHeart school in Indiana.

MooseHeart is a step away from an orphanage; but a well-funded one. With small class sizes and plenty attention, Kimo did well and proved to be a bright, eager student. Part of the curriculum also sees the student body enrolled in a JRNROTC program. Even though he graduated near the top of his class and was in line for a scholarship but his mother contacted him in bad need of money. Even though he hadn’t seen her for five years (he went back for his grandfather’s funeral) he felt the need to do what he could so he enlisted in the US Navy.

With four years of study and practice in ROTC, he did well at both basic and A school, emerging from Damage Control school at Great Lakes as an E4.

Working steadily through the next eleven years, Kimo rose steadily through the ranks, obtaining two Bachelor of Science degrees through long hours of study and in-lieu work experience. Most recently, he was promoted to Chief Warrant 2 and assigned to the Arizona.

In his personal life, Kimo is married to Patricia whom works for the US State Department.

Service Record

2008 EOD / Basic / A school (Damage Control) / BESS (Basic Enlisted Submarine School) Great Lakes, IL E3
PCS: New London, CT. – Assigned to USS New Hampshire (SSN 788) as Damage Control Operator/Technician.
2009 Sea Duty; TIR Promotion E4 (DC3)
2010 Sea Duty; TIR Promotion E5 (DC2)
2012 Early reenlistment (4 years)
2013 Shore duty. TIR Promotion to E5 (DC1)PCS: Great Lakes Naval Station – Recruit Division Commander (RDC)
2015 Meritorious promotion to E6 (PO1). Early reenlistment (4 yrs)
2016 Sea Duty. PCS: NB Pearl Harbor, USS Mississippi (SSN 782) 3MC- Preventive Maintenance Manager.
2018 TIG Promotion E7 (CPO2).
2019 Reenlistment
2021 Shore Duty. PCS: Yokosuka Japan. Instructor.
2022 Appointed CWO / 723X Repair Technician (Submarine). TDY NS New Port, RI. Officer Training Command.
2023 PCS NS Kitsap, WA. (2023 -2024 TDY NS Newport, RI. Assigned to Arizona PCU
2025 Assigned Damage Control Assistant, USS Arizona (SSN 803)