USS Arizona
Hector  Gonzales

Name Hector Gonzales

Gender Male

Date of Birth November 15, 1978

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Command Master Chief Petty Officer

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Characters / Hector Gonzales

Command Master Chief Petty Officer Hector Gonzales

Hector Gonzales is the Chief of the Boat, or COB, of the USS Arizona. He is career Navy man, and has served aboard submarines his entire career, except for one tour as a Recruit Division Commander at RTC Great Lakes. His previous ship was the USS Colorado (SSN-788) where he was also the COB.


Hector is friendly, but not overly talkative. He is what many would call a listener. He is also a dedicated worker, and never passes up an opportunity to teach someone the skills he has learned through his career. He is also a natural leader who commands respect from his subordinates. Many people he has served with would call him firm, but fair. He demands the best from himself, and is not afraid to do his share of the workload.