USS Arizona
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Now Part of Sim Central!

Posted on 22 Jan 2022 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

SPC Sims has been my personal domain for sim/RP/writing-related projects for fifteen or more years now. Starting as and transitioning within the last year to For a little more than a year now I have been a member of a wonderful community called Sim Central. I joined the administration team helping with moderating the discord server and assisting with website hosting. I have had a wonderful time and taking part in two wonderfully active communities has become more time-consuming and more difficult than necessary.

After discussing with active writing members of the community it has been decided to merge SPC Sims into Sim Central! What does that mean? Well, it means that we now have access to a community of over 140 members! We will be moving our discord into the sim central discord and we will be continuing the operations of the USS Arizona and Coast Guard Investigative Service as independent sims part of a fantastic community.

I am very excited about this update and can’t wait to see the wonderful things we can do as part of Sim Central.

The SPC Sims website will remain online as a directory page to Sim Central and the sims hosted on this domain. Our rules have been updated to reflect membership of the Sim Central Discord and agreement to the SC Community Rules as a requirement for membership. Any questions please contact me.

GM, USS Arizona


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