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Nova URL Change, New Wiki, Returning Player

Posted on 07 Jan 2023 @ 5:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

Greetings everyone! With the failure of our attempt to create our WordPress-based system, I've decided to return Nova to our main website. However, Nova doesn't have the most friendly wiki system, so I've created a new wiki to replace the functionality that WordPress did lend to that. We are still working out some kinks, but all the articles that were available on WordPress are now available on the wiki, including one that we never added to the menu for you guys to actually view.

News will now return through sending via nova instead of another system which is why our visitors who are new to the site will see a significant gap between this news item and the previous one, which probably introduces the WordPress site. I've decided it would be a waste of time to migrate news articles from the other system back to nova. That being said, there was a slight data loss with the migration. I clicked one button too soon. If you notice any issues, please create a ticket on Discord using #support.

Any content saved on Nova in the previous 24 hours may no longer be with us, so please use your emails to fix your JPs in progress.

For those who forget, is our main website and is now where the nova is located. Additionally, the new wiki can be found at The wiki contains our rules and privacy policies, all of which saw minor updates for typos and better wording, although the intent of the content remains the same. For transparency's sake, we did remove the use of Trello for the staff.

Also, before I stop writing this announcement, I'd like to welcome back Darth, who writes FT1 Rebecca Robinson, our Lead Fire Control Technician.



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