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Activity Requirements Follow Up

Posted on 06 Dec 2022 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

Good afternoon,

I want to first apologize for not getting around to doing this when promised but this is precisely why I have elected to first suspend activity requirements and to take an LOA. I have a lot going on and didn't have time to deal with things but I'm starting to feel as if things might be be more manageable. That being said I intend on keeping the sims on hiatus until SAT 7 JAN 2022 where all activity requirements will be enforced. That means within 72 hours of 00:00 7 JAN 22 EST you will have to have interacted with the sim and before 1 FEB 2022 EST you will have to have made our published posting requirement.

The plot will be moved on no later than the 7th by me to facilitate all of this. I will also be discussing with the staff to decide if we will be running the conclusion of Episode 1 alongside the opening of Episode 2.

Please stay tuned for further... please contact the staff with any suggestions or concerns via the ticket system on Discord.

Have a happy healthy holiday season and new year!


PS Thanks to Beth for nagging me so I'd remember to do this.


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