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Communications Division & Rules Update

Posted on 29 Apr 2022 @ 9:54am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

As a community we strive to be as transparent as possible and clear about the expectations of our members. That being said a small update to the community rules has been made that effects the staff expectations only. The new staff expectation states:

Utilize official USS Arizona email system to conduct all community business.

Seeing as we require announcements to all rules updates I want to make note of another item that has been announced already on Discord:

With some research it was determined that the US Navy as part of a modernization program for enlisted ratings that is targeted to be completed by our current sim year (2025) that the Electronics Technician-Communications (ETR) rating has been merged into the Information Systems Technician-Submarine (ITS) rating. That being said we have removed the ETR rating from the manifest and have updated the Communications Division to reflect this change.

For those who are not familiar the Communications Division of the Operations Department is responsible for all IT systems and communications systems of the submarine.


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