USS Arizona
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Website Development Update, Episode Updates

Posted on 30 Mar 2022 @ 3:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Watts

Greetings! I wanted to take some time to give an official update on the progress of the new Arizona website. We are now linking some of the items from Nova to our new website. The database on the new website will be utilized instead of the nova built in wiki as well as some other items such as the rules and how to join.

Following the new naming scheme for Episodes (traditionally missions on nova sims) and Scenes (traditionally mission posts on nova sims) that we went with for the new website I've updated nova to use the same. I have also discontinued the use of the mission group (we called them seasons) function that is on nova.

These updates should not generally effect the operation of the sim other than you might get pointed to the new website for updated content and you'll notice some of the buttons say different things. Any questions or issues please let myself or an AGM know on the Discord.




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